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2024 Meeting Minutes

Monday February 12, 2024

7 pm on Zoom

1. In attendance

Sandi Mayer, John Fagan, Thelma Achenbach, Michele Packer, Kristine Herbst, Jeanne Cunillera, Greg Lombardi, Lisa Miller, Judy Bayard, Ken Pokrowski, Lori Pucek, Susan Landau, John Landau


2. January 2024 minutes 

Judy moved that the January minutes be approved, Susan seconded, no discussion, all approved. 


3. Treasurer’s report 

-We have $12,486 in our account. A healthy portion of that will be spent for planting this spring. Species selection is guided by Jean Epiphan. 

-Kristine moved that FoFPW spend approximately $3,000 toward trees from Pinelands Nursery, $2,000 in native plugs from New Moon Nursery, and $200 in seeds from Ernst Seeds. Judy seconded and the vote was unanimous. 

-We will have quotes for deer protection to vote on in March. 

-Trees will be delivered April 9 at 7:30 am. Susan will be asking for help to unload the truck or she will hire some local college students. 

-Jean will help with tree positioning in the woodland. 

-We need to have all planted by June before it gets hot or hold in pots until fall. 

-We discussed deer pressure coupled with invasives adding up to non-regenerating landscapes. Our woodland has very, very few seedlings to regenerate our forest as we lose tree canopy to age, storms, disease and invasive pests.  Seedlings are eaten by deer or buck rubbed to death. The native understory layers have been devastated by deer as well and any regrowth is crowded out by invasives. 

-This meeting about Jockey Hollow's Forest health applies to us:

4. Website

-John F. posted new photos from Bob DeCroce and the new "Going Native" brochure . 

-The wish list still lists rakes (metal leaf rakes are best) and a Gorilla cart. 

-John shared his screen and brought us up to date with the wildlife photo contest. 15 favorites will be selected from a pool of 60-80  photos. It’s just about ready to go live and when it does, please send it to your friends! 


5. Membership

-Kristine reports that three new people have joined the email list, one requested removal because he is moving away. 

291 members are on the list to date.

-When our Annual Report is ready ( soon!), Kristine will use MailerLite to make it pretty and distribute it. Susan will write a narrative to add and this will be our 2024 appeal for contributing members and donations. 


6. Instagram

-Michelle reports that we now have 65 followers. She has begun cross posting/following other land-stewarding/environmental advocate organizations like GSWA and Friends of Jockey Hollow. She will add Friends of Brightwood Park and we will send along other appropriate groups. 

-She has posted mosses, lichen and other current photos as well as Linda's water reflection photo.

-She will post info about the photo contest and eventually the favorite photos.

-Michelle posted Jean Epiphan’s excellent tree document as we spoke. 


7. Invasive/restoration work and volunteers

-Volunteer Sundays are back! Michelle reports 11 new volunteers, 13 High school students and 92 volunteer hours to date! Using a Signup Genius for high school students is very useful for clear communication. 

-Jean Epiphan walked the park for 2 1/2 hours with us, strategizing about winter/spring plans and plants. Super helpful.


8. Tree Crew Work

-Hazardous branches overhanging the main path have been removed. 

-Soil was rutted along the main path toward the dock from the truck used to remove especially dangerous branches. The tree crew carefully filled the ruts with branches, a lovely repair.

-Brush pile near the dock still needs to be chipped. It’s on the February agenda for the STC.


9. Other topics

-Susan thanked everyone for helping write the plant labels for GSWA.  

-Sandi noted that Board of Adjustment has an opening and needs a good volunteer.

-Judy let us know that she had just heard a screech owl outside — a lovely way to close our meeting. 


10. Next meeting

Our next meeting will be on March 11, 2024 at 7 pm on Zoom.


11. Adjournment

Sandi moved to adjourn at 7:47, Kristine seconded and the vote was unanimous. 


Respectfully submitted,


Monday January 22, 2024

7 pm on Zoom

1. In Attendance - Susan Landau, Linda Carrington, John Landau, Lisa Miller, John Fagan, Michelle Packer,Thelma Achenbach, Kristine Herbst, Jeanne Cunillera, Greg Lombardi, Judy Bayard, Ken Pokrowski, Marcia Graydon, Phaedra Singelis.


2. November 2023 Minutes - Linda moved to approve, Susan seconded. All approved.


3. Treasurer report 

-We start 2024 in great shape with $12,400 in the account.

-We have applied for a grant from the Garden Club of America


4. Website 

-John F. reports that a second photo contest could be staged at any time. The subject will be Wildlife. John F will launch this soon, in conversation with Michelle and John L. 

-Our wishlist page is stale, please send any additions to John. 

-Susan to ask Barb and Katie about a rain garden page.


5. Membership 

-Kristine reports that we have 69 contributing members and about 290 on our email list.

-We will send a 2023 report and 2024 plans to all via MailerLite in February. 


6. Instagram 

-Michelle will take over management of our Instagram account. 

-Please send photos and content to Michelle and/or John F. They will coordinate posting on Instagram and our website as appropriate. 

-John can post your photos in our general gallery on the website or make a "gallery" for you. Of course just posting on Instagram is also a choice. 


7. Invasive/restoration work and Volunteers

    A. Volunteer Sundays resume starting Jan 28, 1-3 pm, weather permitting 

    B. Michelle reports that we had 919 volunteer hours in 2023. She will send interesting stats from her volunteer tracking spreadsheet, breaking out the number of new volunteers, discrete volunteers, children, etc. for the annual        report. 

    C. Susan is using  Sign Up Genius for the MHS students who volunteer with us. 

    D. Priorities for 2024: 

        1. Rake and seed several areas in winter

        2. Forest restoration area

        3. Restore School areas that children see from the playground and the area around Grade Level trees. 

    E. Jean Epiphan will walk the park with us again and guide our work. 


8. Plant orders

-Susan is putting plant orders together. Please let her know the species you are interested in for private planting. Plants are available at our wholesale cost plus 10% for FoFPW and any possible shipping costs. 

-Last year over $6000 were ordered for private use, earning at least $600 for FoFPW.


9. Other topics

    A. Dinner deliveries to Sandi are sorted. Sandi certainly appreciates the delicious meals and support. 

    B. Linda notes that goose monitoring will begin weekly Mid-March at Foote’s and Windmill. Susan will request letters be sent to all Windmill residents for 2024. Jeanne will join the effort and Phaedra will join as she can. 

    C. Morristown DPW/Tree Crew 

        1. Plans to chip the downed ash branches gathered in the area between the dock and school.

        2. Plans to chainsaw downed logs into lengths that we can move to line the paths and otherwise use. 

    D. GSWA native plant sale is on again this April. Susan is organizing the wooden stick plant labels. Please let her know if you can help!

    E. Earth Day is Monday April 22. FoFPW could plan an event. Please send ideas to Susan for discussion at our Feb. meeting.

    F. Judy reports that the Morristown’s leaf blower ordinance has passed. Outreach is the next step. FoFPW is apolitical and cannot take an active position on this ordinance. If you would like more info, please contact Judy. 


10. Next Meeting - Our next meeting will be on February 12, 7 pm on Zoom.


11. Adjournment - Linda moved for adjournment at 7:51pm, Susan  seconded. All approved. 


Respectfully submitted,


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