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We invite you to join the Friends of Foote's Pond Wood (FoFPW)!

Annual membership is $20, and larger donations are welcome.  All funds will be applied to the ongoing restoration and education efforts at our well-loved neighborhood park, under the governance of the FoFPW Board of Trustees.

Everyone is welcome to join our email list and receive updates and invitations, regardless of their membership status. This is a PUBLIC park, for everyone to enjoy.

Your donation supports our mission "to restore and protect Foote’s Pond and the surrounding woodland through community outreach, education, ongoing assessment, and promotion of this valuable community resource."

Other benefits include optional attendance and participation at Board of Trustee meetings and participation in member-only programs, such as: 1) Group purchases from the wholesale native plant nurseries that we use for the park; and 2) Special friends’ events.

Your donations are tax deductible since FoFPW is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.

Thank you and please share: Your support is key to sustaining this delightful and environmentally rich park. You can help us establish native flowers from spring to fall, providing beauty for human eyes and life support for our pollinators and other wildlife. Please share this friendly grassroots mission and membership opportunity. Everyone is welcome.

Please complete the form below to join our email list at no cost, and optionally become a member with a minimum $20 donation.  You can also just donate.

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