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2022 Meeting Minute

November 14, 2022

Virtual Meeting on Zoom 7 PM

1. Attendance: Susan Landau, John Landau, Marcia Graydon, Linda Carrington, Deb Ryysylainen, Greg Lombardi, Judy Bayard, John Fagan, Sandi Mayer,  Kristine Herbst, Gail Biggs, Beth Bayles, Aaron Oliver, Michelle Packer, Thelma Achenbach,  David Lustbader, Allen Wells.

2. October Minutes: Motion to approve by Gail, seconded by Kristine.  Approved unanimously.


3. Treasurer's report: Deb reports that we have $5156 in our account. Action: Susan and Deb to contact Ajay about potential donation. 


4.   Website update: John F. verified that our FB link is on the wesite. Instagram can be linked if the account becomes active.  Pages for a wish list and dedicated (in honor or memorial) donations are pending. Action: John to post FPW on All-Trails as accessible. 


5.  Membership: Kristine reports that we have 200 on our email list with a subset of 44 contributing members. A new email blast inviting “ contributing membership” will go out very soon.  The MailerLite tool looks good but we are still on the learning curve. 


6. New Jersey Charities Registration Application: Has been received and is under review. This will be required if we collect more than $10,000 in any one year.


7. Spring Plug Sale: Species have been ordered that should be attractive to members for yards and very useful in the park. If there is a native flower or grass that you would like included, or you would like an early list of the species ordered  please email Susan. None of these species will be available at the GSWA sale.  Susan moved that as much as $500 be used for purchasing plugs, Thelma seconded, unanimously approved. 


8. Invasive fight/ restoration update:

A. We are clearing a new area near the smaller new bridge. It’s covered with mutiflora rose, invasive vines and phragmites. We will plant some of the species on the educational sign, seed and plug the area generally this winter and next spring. 

B. Regular work days continue, weather permitting Sundays 1-3 PM (except the Sunday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day ) through January. 


9. TJ Elementary 

A. New “ learning beds” are being planted with the students. 

B. We are planning to support  the Parent Landscaping Committee in other areas of the school grounds, planting around the sign and foundation with native plants. 

C. The school principal, science teacher and PTO are in complete support of letting each 5th grade class plant a legacy tree, eventually establishing a small forest grove. 

10. Second Mushroom Walk: Was a great success. Katie is onboard leading a walk for the TJ after school club next spring! And Katie and Michelle will have more mushroom walks for us next year. So much to see! 


11. Other topics:

A. Thelma will stay in contact with Raptor Trust in hopes of a Screech Owl release at FPW. 

B. The red spots painted on FPW trees mark them for removal. All are dead, most are Ash. Hoping the work will be done when the ground is frozen, the wood will be left place and many cut to leave standing snags. 

C. The fabulous fence is installed!

D. Partner list to be added to John moved, Thelma seconded. We will need to ask permission from our partners, like GSWA, Friends of Brightwood, NJCF ( Thelma), TJ, ECs etc……. 

E. Deb volunteered to administer Instagram! 

F.  Judy reported the Golf course landscapers had been dumping leaves into the Great Brook and notified Sandi who made sure notice was given to stop that practice. 


12. Next Meeting: Monday January 9, 2023 7 PM on Zoom.  No meeting in December. 


13. Adjournment: Linda made a motion to adjourn, Sandi seconded, all approved and we adjourned at 7:52 PM 


Respectfully Submitted,

Susan landau 

October 17, 2022

Virtual Meeting on Zoom 7 PM

1. Attendance: Susan Landau, John Landau, Marcia Graydon, Linda Carrington, Deb Ryysylainen, Greg Lombardi, Judy Bayard, John Fagan, Sandi Mayer, Lisa Miller,  Kristine Herbst, Gail Biggs,  Bill Schlosser.

2. September minutes: Motion to approve by Sandi, seconded by Kristine.  Approved unanimously.


3. Treasurer's report:Deb reports that we have $5422 in our account. Approximately $600 in expenditures for Darby’s Garden and the Lidgerwood planting are pending.  We may soon have a 2:1 match from Verizon that will total 3K from Ajay that will be earmarked for resurfacing the dock. Thank you Ajay!! 

Expenditure requests for approval: $287 for deer fencing and $50 for 5 Summersweet shrubs across the old bridge. So moved by Linda, seconded by Deb, approved unanimously. 


4.   Website update: John F. has created a trial web page to list donations made in honor or in memoriam. We can also list all members, with their permission. John will add a box asking if members give permission for their names to be listed on the webpage. Kristine will send an email to all  current members asking if we can list their names. 

Dollar amounts will not be published. 

Bill suggests that we slowly build a wish list. Initial ideas include used wheelbarrows and tools and projects we would like to undertake that people could contribute toward. Projects could include an historic sign to highlight Marie Foote as suggested by Linda and other educational signs. John F. will look into linking the website and FB page. 

Susan will look into revising/updating the Town website description of FPW.


5.  Membership: We hope to send an email blast to encourage membership in November. One format going to paid members, asking them to forward to friends and one format to those who are not yet members.


6.Plug Sale: Nine flats of native plug species were purchased. 270 plugs were sold almost letting us break even and 180 plugs were planted in the park. We can repeat this in March, selling species that will not be available at the GSWA sale. If you'd like to suggest species for this sale,  please email Susan.


7. Invasive fight / restoration update: Extra plugs from the sale were planted near the dock by HS students and along the sidewalk by Lisa, Judy and Deb. 

  1. We will have fall/winter work days to chop porcelain berry and multiflora rose at their roots and we will rake select areas to soil and seed. 

  2. Fall planting in Darby’s Garden is completed and sheet mulched. The Garden Club of Morristown will complete the planting in the spring with ground layer plugs ( flowers and sedges) and 3 redbud trees. 


8. TJ elementary science teacher and students:

  1. John L and Susan are helping the TJ science teacher with an after school nature club once/week. 

  2. The TJ principal sent a note that the students went on a scavenger hunt in the park and all enjoyed the fall beauty. 


9. Lidgerwood planting: This native shrub planting is a joint project between FoFPW and STC  to engage the Lidgerwood Community. Sandi will help post this on the Morristown website. Lisa will help promote. The date is October 23 from 12- 3 PM. All are welcome! 


10. Second Mushroom Walk!: Remember our next walk with Katie and hopefully Michelle will be Saturday Oct 29 at noon. Rain date, November 12. The first walk was fabulous with about 10 people attending. 


11. Other topics:

  1. We will try to be aware of the Morristown 2023 calendar so we can help promote clean-up days. 

  2. Deb suggests a spring 2023 meet and greet event. This would be a great way to  welcome the public to the park and meet FoFPW. 

  3. Build a 2023 calendar for FoFPW. 


12. Next Meeting: Monday November 14, 2022 7 PM on Zoom. We may choose to skip the December meeting. 


13. Adjournment: Linda made a motion to adjourn, Kristine seconded, all approved, and we adjourned at 7:47 PM 


Respectfully Submitted,

Susan landau 

September 12, 2022

1. Attendance: Susan Landau, John Landau, Thelma Achenbach,  Allen Wells, Willie Juhlin, Marcia Graydon, Jeanne Cunillera, Linda Carrington, Greg Lombardi, Judy Bayard, Dede Murray, AJ Oliver, John Fagan, Sandi Mayer, Lisa Miller, David Lustbader, Kristine Herbst, Gail Biggs, Chris Cioffi.  Bill Schlosser. 

Please note that Jim and Ginger are moving away, We will miss them!

2. July minutes: Motion to approve by Jeanne, seconded by Allen.  Approved unanimously.

3. Treasurer's report

  1. We have $4,097!  This includes $1,000 from GC of Morristown dedicated to Darby’s Garden and  $500 donated by Kristin Ace, Chair of STC,  dedicated to a native planting in Lidgerwood. This is a Shade Tree Commission/ FoFPW joint project to encourage a neighborhood “ Friends” group for Lidgerwood Park.

  2.  We do need to complete the requirements to receive corporate matches. 

  3. Another note: FoFPW owed Loyola approximately $100 after the joint native planting on their slopes. They waved this debt and we consider this to be a donation in kind. The extra Purple Love Grass plugs were planted in FPW along the sidewalk because they are salt tolerant. Thank you Jeff and Madeline! 

4. Website update: John F. shared his screen and gave a tour of all the great new updates. He emphasized that everyone is welcome to be on our email list and receive information whether they join as a member or not.

5. Membership: Kristine reports that she is incorporating all our lists and membership information into Mailerlite. When ready, Mailerlite will become our email platform and we will send a blast with the membership flyer. Folks on the email list are encouraged to share this with friends and neighbors so that we can expand our email list and possibly grow our membership. Thelma has had great success sharing the flyer with friends and neighbors who enjoy the park. 

Membership in 2022 carries through the entire year 2023. 

6.Plug sale: Seven flats of native species have been ordered. Members are welcome to reserve plugs at $2 each. Any unclaimed plugs can be shared with non-members for $2.50. Extra plants will go into the park and any profit will go into the FoFPW bank account. They will be available for pick up Oct 13, time TBD and of course on subsequent dates as needed. Location: John and Susan’s house. 

7.Seed purchase: The Garden Club of Morristown has generously offered to fund $300 of seeds!! Hearty thanks to them!!

8. Invasive / restoration update

  1. South trail off James--Jeanne’s Path— much stilt grass has been pulled to expose soil. We will rake and seed in the winter hoping to outwit the stilt grass. Extra thanks  Bilma and Michelle who made a ton of progress working independently pulling Stiltgrass and leaving the natives!

  2. We can have regular work days in the park now that the weather is cooler. Susan will send a notice of those days— likely Saturdays 2-4 and one weekday 2-4.  Tasks will include following Porcelain berry vines to their roots and chopping and the same with multiflora rose canes and we will also have days of raking to soil and seeding. 

9. TJ elementary science teacher and students: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  of this week, the Science teacher will bring each class of students to visit the park and practice observational skills and formulating questions. 

10. Shade Tree Commission and ash trees: We have many dead/dying Ash trees in FPW.  Three are particular hazards and in sensitive restored areas and/or very wet, i.e., sensitive soil. STC is brilliantly contracting for removal in winter when the ground is likely to be frozen, and use of a small, nimble machine with special treads. Additionally the huge healthy Ash near the dam will be treated to protect it from the Emerald Ash Borer. Morristown's new arborist and DPW will be able to address the remaining Ash as necessary. This is just wonderful news and we sincerely thank the STC! 

11. Lidgerwood planting: This native shrub planting is a joint project between FoFPW and STC  to engage the Lidgerwood Community, as previously mentioned. This will kick off on October 23 from 12- 3 PM. All are welcome!


12. Winter meeting location: We will remain on Zoom during the dark, cold months but hope to plan some walks to be together in the park. 

13. Next meeting

Please Note: This will be a week later than usual, October 17th, 7 PM on Zoom. 

We may skip the November meeting. 

14. Other topics 

A. Greg let us know about the Shade Tree Commission Beautiful Tree Contest. It is a fun online event and closing soon so submit photos of your fav Summer tree soon! Find the link on the Town Website or email your photo with your name, tree description and location to

B. Linda reminds us that the Morris County Tourism Bureau is holding a tour of the Loyola Mansion on Oct 23 at 2 PM. Contact them to sign up, walk-ins are not permitted. It is a wonderful tour. 

C. The split rail fence along James St is on the Town contractor’s agenda for late fall.

D. Lisa continues to send handwritten thank you notes as needed. She uses cards that Willie created for FoFPW. 

15. Adjournment: Allen made a motion to adjourn, Willie seconded, all approved and we adjourned at 7:43 PM.

(We then looked at photos of the Loyola native planting after adjournment) 

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Landau 

August 8, 2022

Virtual Meeting on Zoom 7 PM

1. Attendance: Susan Landau, Thelma Achenbach, Willie Juhlin, Marcia Graydon, Jeanne Cunillera, John Landau, Linda Carrington, Greg Lombardi, Judy Bayard, Jon Buryk, Debbie Ryysylainen, Julio Escobar, Dede Murray, AJ Oliver, Michele Packer, John Fagan, Sandi Mayer.

2. July Minutes: Motion to approve by Linda, seconded by Judy. Approved unanimously.

3. Treasurer's report: Deb reports that we have new donations and memberships bringing our to account balance to 2580.02.   $1000 of that is a grant from the Garden Club of Morristown for a specific project. 

4. Draft Membership Announcement: Membership announcement flyer was adopted. Thelma made the motion, Judy seconded, approved unanimously.  Thanks to Kristine for making this happen and John F for his contributions. 

5.  Website update:

    A. John F. reports that the donate button and sign up for the email list will be updated based on the membership announcement. 

    B. A fun Instagram video of FPW is on the What's New page of

    C. New photos have been added to the galleries

    D. Willie’s timeline of FoFPW and history of FPW is also posted. It is a very useful reference. 

6. Grant Possibilities:

    A. Split Rail Fence: Anthony has found the funding for this and he expects installation this fall.

    B. Dock Resurfacing: Anthony is in the process of arranging for temporary repairs to be done and the dock reopened in the near term. 

Longer term, the Town and FoFPW are looking for grant opportunities to fund a complete resurfacing. 

   C. Lidgerwood Pocket Restoration: We have a private donation to kick this off in the fall and a grant request has been submitted to the Rotary Club of Morristown to support completion in the spring of 2023.  This is a joint project between  FoFPW and the Shade Tree Commission along the back fence line where a major overgrowth of invasive plants has been removed. We hope to bring the Lidgerwood Community together around this planting for community and park benefit.  If the Lidgerwood community takes this on, the project can be expanded in years to come. 

7. Invasive/ Restoration update: 

   A. We have been watering the main James St. Meadow, plantings near the dock and small area near the school with water pumped from the pond. 

   B. When the weather cools we will schedule days to work in the park. 

Jeanne suggests a focus on the trail toward the dam from the James street sidewalk. That will be a great new area to tackle and it is shady! Plenty of stilt grass and roses to tackle there and we can then seed exposed soil in late fall. 

   C. Overlook  Park Entrance:  This is an area we are asking the  town to maintain

   D. Overlook Road Park Border: We will schedule a big vine cutback in the fall/winter to protect the trees.

   E. Loyola Native Planting on the slopes:  Jeanne recently weeded this garden and it looks great. In September we have one more set of  plugs to plant. Hubricht’s Blue Star AKA Ozark Blue Star.

8.Bird boxes: No update, some are inaccessible because the plants have grown so tall.

9. Field Club Update: The modified proposal was approved.  

10. Other Topics?

   A. A new Tree City  USA  sign is up at the corner of Lidgerwood and James. It certifies a welcome STC accomplishment: 

   B. Sandi will confirm that the Leaf Blower Ordinance has been tabled. 

11. Next meeting: Monday Sept.12, 2022  6:30 at the dock or 7PM on Zoom if the weather pushes us indoors.


12. Adjournment at 7:41 PM: Sandi moved, second by Marcia. Unanimous approval. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan landau 

July 11, 2022

In Person at the FPW Dock

1. Attendance: Susan Landau, Thelma Achenbach, Lisa Miller, Willie Juhlin, Marcia Graydon, Jeanne Cunillera, John Landau, Linda Carrington, Allen Wells, Greg Lombardi, Lisa Miller, Kristine Herbst, Scott Wild, Ajay Patel, Judy Bayard, Sandi Mayer

2. May Minutes: motion to approve by Linda, seconded by Kristine.  Unanimously approved as written.

3. Treasurer's report: Bank balance is $2,200.07. We have $40 in membership donations ready to deposit.  We were charged an expected $30 for checks and an unexpected $3 for a paper statement. The account is now paperless and no additional $3 fees will be generated. 

4. Website update:  

A. John F established a donate button on that links to PayPal. We are registered as a charity so the fees are generally 2% plus 49 cents/transaction.  John F also set up a voluntary extra donation option to compensate for those fees. 

Questions: Does this donation button require a PayPal account? Does it define membership?

B. He is continuing to add to/update the galleries. Beautiful photos are posted.

C. John F also helped with and posted Willie's timeline. It lists the actions taken to improve the park and the history of public interest in the FPW. 

 5. Draft of our membership announcement: Kristine distributed copies of her draft. Thank you Kristine! 

     Discussion points included: 

         A. Choice to earmark funds 

         B. QR code to be added

         C. Tighter layout

         D. Add it to the website when launched

         E. Reminder to ask for corporate matches when possible.

         F. Add the EIN number

         G. Susan will send to all who are at this meeting and request suggestions to be emailed to Kristine by next Wednesday. 

         H. Vote to adopt at our August meeting

6. Grant Possibilities:

    A. Anthony is developing cost estimates for the dock resurfacing and the proposed James Street split rail fence. 

    B. Susan is in contact with the Garden Club of Morristown for possible grants.

    C. Verizon is another possible funding source now that we are a 501c3.

7. Invasive/ Restoration update: 

 A. We are in a drought and we have watered the main meadow twice and will water again in the morning. 

 B. There is always weeding to do so if anyone notices a cool forecast and has free time. Please contact Susan and we will set up a work day.

 C. The patch near the school where the DPW graciously filled the sinkholes has been cleared of much of the invasive plant mass and seeded for summer bloom. We will plan to regrade a bit next fall/winter and plan to plant a rain garden. Susan will reach out to see if the school would like to participate.

D. We cleared the invasives at the Overlook entrance. Requested that the town consider mulch for the new trees. We need to define an ongoing strategy for this area. 

E. The new native plant gardens at Loyola looked good at the last weeding.  We have requested that they be well watered in this drought. 

One flat of last species to be planted, Hubricht's Bluestar/ Ozark Bluestar ( Amsonia hubrichtii) has arrived but the plugs are too immature to plant just yet. More will arrive in August. We will schedule planting days as soon as we can.

8. Walks: After the membership announcement, we hope to schedule walks in the park.  Allen can guide meditative walks. We have Katie, who knows all about fungi and Susan and John L. can talk (endlessly!) about flowers and native and invasive plants. 

9. Bird boxes: Deb reports that we have two empty boxes, one active Wren nest and one active Bluebird nest. 

10. Noah's Owl Box Ribbon Cutting: Wednesday July 13, 5:30 PM. Everyone is invited! 

11. Morris Park Alliance Award: Willie arranged a beautiful Library exhibit of the award incorporating her photos of FPW wildlife. 

12. Field Club Update: Next time it's on ZBA Meeting, TBD.

13. Leaf Blower Ordinance discussion

14. Next meeting: Monday August 8, 2022  6:30 at the dock or 7PM on Zoom if the weather pushes us indoors.


13. Adjournment: Greg moved to adjourn, seconded by Marcia, Unanimously approved at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau 

June 13, 2022

 In Person at the FPW Dock

1. Attendance: Susan Landau, Thelma Achenbach, John Fagan,  Lisa Miller, Willie Juhlin, Marcia Graydon, Jeanne Cunillera, John Landau, Linda Carrington, Deb Ryysylainen , Allen Wells, Greg Lombardi, Madeline Simon, Lisa Miller, Kristine Herbst

2. May Minutes: motion to approve by Allen, seconded by Thelma. Unanimously approved as written.

3. Treasurer's report: Deb reports that our balance is 2154.50. $1000 is a grant from the GC of Morristown and earmarked for a pocket forest to honor Darby, a long standing GC member. The balance came from a couple very generous FoFPW member donations, existing funds and a few smaller amounts from various sources.

4. Website update:  

A. John reports that new photos are up, including a new gallery. We have 6 photographers contributing now. 

B. In the search for a "donate button" on the website to link to our bank account, we found that the Wix and TD bank options both charge a monthly fee and are too expensive. John  F. will look at paypal or similar possibilities. 


5. Date for Noah's Owl Box Ribbon Cutting: Wednesday July 13, 5:30 PM. Everyone is invited! 

6. Restoration Plans/Invasive work days:

      A. Main James St. Meadow 

           Well over 1000 plugs are in and it has been well seeded. Now we wait and hope and maybe weed from the edges. 

          Huge thanks to those who planted from FPW and the Garden Club of Morristown. 

      B. Area by school 

           Since the Town filled in the sink holes, John L. has spent days chopping and clearing invasives. They are well set back but not knocked out so the area is seeded with annuals this year. We will develop a perennial plan for next year.

      C. A weeding blitz will be our next effort. We may plan a day or two devoted to pulling Mugwort. TBD


7. 501c3 progress:

    1. FOFPW officially became a 501c3 on March 31, 2022 

The forms to become federally and NJ tax exempt are in progress. Should be complete in 2-3 months

     2. Kristine will become our Membership Chair . Lisa, Thelma and Susan will help with the membership announcement wording and launch. 

          $20 was unanimously adopted as the membership fee. Motion made by Linda, seconded  by Thelma, unanimously approved. After the membership launch, all meetings will be board meetings that are open to members. All who are on, or join our email list will continue to receive emails, regardless of membership status. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible.  

     3. Linda asks for a clear definition of membership benefits.  These could include access to or preferred pricing at a fall FoFPW plant sale. And of course, membership supports work in the park and native plants. 

      4. Lisa will write thank you notes for donations to FoFPW aside from membership fees. Willie has already made beautiful cards for this. 

8. Morris Park Alliance Award:

      A. John F. arranged for a photo taken tonight of us with the award documents and trophy. He will post this on the website.

      B. Willie will arrange for a  Library exhibit of the award along with photos of FPW

9. Bird boxes:

     Deb reports active use of the boxes and unfortunately the death of a swallow clutch in one. We will do some research and try to enhance survival chances. 

10. Field Club Update: Marcia reports that the next meeting is on June 15th. The proposed plans are being revised to downsize a bit and mitigate some of the headlight issues. However the new proposed lighting and existing lighting remain in the plan.

 11. Other topics: 

      1.Greg told another great groaner Dad joke. (Best reason to be at our meetings)

      2. Linda to submit goose mitigation hours to add to our volunteer hours. 

      3. John L will check the ebird list for FPW. 

 12. Next meeting: July 11, 2022  6:30 at the dock or 7PM on Zoom if the weather pushes us indoors.


13. Adjournment: Kristine moved to adjourn, seconded by Greg, Unanimously approved at 7:37 PM  

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau

May 9, 2022

In Person at the FPW Dock

1. Attendance: Susan Landau, Thelma Achenbach, John Fagan,  Lisa Miller, Willie Juhlin, Bill Schlosser, Diane Otto, Marcia Graydon, Gail Biggs, Jeanne Cunillera, John Landau

2. March Minutes: Motion to approve from Marcia, Thelma seconded . Minutes unanimously approved with no corrections.

3. Treasurer's Report: We have a new donation and some extra cash from the awards dinner. We hope to open a bank account this Friday and our balance will be reported next month. 

4. Website: John continues to post updates and respond to queries. He will explore adding a way to donate online and link to our bank account. Thanks to Thelma for the idea. 

5. Goose mitigation: The eggs of the one pair of nesting geese at FP were replaced with wooden ones.  The nesting season is over now. 

6. Restoration/Invasive work:

     A. Demonstration Garden: The sample native garden in the Going Native brochure has been planted on the left side of the dock as a demonstration. Only Columbine is needed to complete it. Thanks to Jalal and Sobia for the wood chips! And thanks to our stellar plug planters!

     B. Garlic Mustard: We held one session of garlic mustard pulling. Chris DeG. observed that one person can pull about 300 plants/ half hour and our 3 huge bags probably contain 2500 plants. The garlic mustard population is definitely reduced this year but that is generally what’s being reported by other strike teams in the area. 

   C. Terri's grand plan: We are beginning to plant Terri’s grand plan in the main James St. meadow. Planting times will be emailed soon. A very exciting project. 

7. 501c3 Progress: We need one more signature to pass our bylaws by unanimous consent. That will be completed this week and we will send it to the lawyers. 

8. Morris Park Alliance Award: Many came to the gathering to receive this award for local environmental work. Thanks to Jane Kurek and her great application on our behalf!

We will take a photo next month at the dock with the award for our website. Wille suggested displaying it at the library and Susan will check with Mary Lynn. 

9. The Rutgers Environmental Stewards: 2022 Morris County students visited and toured FPW to see habitat restoration and invasive mitigation attempts in process. 

10. Memorial planting: The Garden Club of Morristown is evaluating a plan to sponsor a planting in FPW that will honor a long standing, dearly loved member of the club who is moving away. 

11. Town-wide Spring Clean-up is scheduled in May but the town's sign up link is not working. 

12. The Shade Tree Commission is holding a Spring tree competition.

13. Bird boxes: Deb reports that 3 boxes have wren nests and one has a bluebird nest. She will continue to monitor them.

14. Field Club Expansion: Marcia reported that the last meeting featured the Chair of Membership and the format was as frustrating as ever for the public. Next meeting is on June 2ond.  Logging on helps register public interest/concern. 

15.Sinkhole: The sinkhole area near the school has been filled by DPW and one of the Environmental Stewards may be interested in restoring it as her project. 

16. Unity Charter School is holding an Eco Fun Fest and FoFPW will host a table with information and native seeds to give away.

17. Our next meeting will be June 13. 6:30 pm  outside at the dock, weather permitting or  7:00 if on Zoom. 

18. End of meeting: Marcia moved to adjourn and Bill seconded at 7:42.  We adjourned with unanimous approval. 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau

March 14, 2022

Virtual on Zoom

1. Attendance: Susan  Landau, Thelma Achenbach, John Fagan, , Jim and Ginger Kutsch, Linda Carrington, Christine Miller, Lisa Miller, Sandi Meyer, Debbie Ryysylainen, Madeline Simon, Amy Howard, Flora DeGeorge, Willie Julin

2. February Minutes: Approved with no corrections

3. Treasurer's Report: No change from February

4. Website: John reports that people continue to find us through the website. Our original site ( never really used) from 2017 is officially closed. 

5. Owl Box Sign and Bluebird boxes: 

1.Thelma reports that we chose the place for the Owl sign with Anthony and his department will install it. We hope to have a FoFPW gathering for Noah and family the third week in April to celebrate the box and hope an owl family moves in. A photo of the sign is attached below. 

2. Debbie reports that the Bluebird boxes are clean and ready for this season. It looked like Wrens used 4 of the boxes and Bluebirds had nested in 3. Susan shared a brief bluebird video made by a Rutgers Environmental Steward:

6. Restoration/Invasive work:

   A. Loyola Planting -- 850 native plugs will be planted at Loyola Jesuit Center March 18, 19 and 20, 2-4 PM each day. Please join us if you'd like! 

   B. We are thinking about a plan for garlic mustard mitigation.  

7. 501c3 Progress: No news. 

8. Path: The Path around Foote's Pond has been soggy and icy. Anthony walked the path with us and he will try to improve it later in the year as funds, time and the site itself allow. 

9. Field Club Expansion: Christine summarized the Field Club proposal for expansion. The next Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing will be March 16. The Zoom link can be found on the Town of Morristown website by clicking on the calendar star for March 16.

Also here:

10. Other Topics:

      A. Linda explained the goose egg replacement that mitigates the resident goose population. Nest scouting will begin this month. If you can assist, please contact Linda or Susan.

      B. Linda also explained that Woodcock courtship season has arrived and where they can be observed. 

       C. Jim explained geocaching. This could be a fun way to promote the park.

11. Next meeting: May 9, 2022. Meeting in person at the park may be possible with Zoom as a back up if the weather doesn't cooperate. TBD. 

 11. Meeting adjourned: 7:52 PM. 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau

February 14, 2022

1. Attendance: Susan & John Landau, Thelma Achenbach, John Fagan,  Marcia Grayden, Jim and Ginger Kutsch, Linda Carrington, Christine Miller, Lisa Miller, Sandi Meyer.

2. January Minutes: Approved with no corrections.

3. Treasurer's Report: No change from January.

4. Website: No new posts. Winter is a slow time and John F. reminds us that input is welcome.


5. Owl Box Sign: Thelma showed the sign to all on Zoom. She will coordinate it's placement with Anthony.  

6. Restoration/Invasive work:

  A. Stilt grass areas were raked and seeded

  B. Sheet mulch is down in preparation for the native plant demonstration garden near the dock. 

7. 501c3  Progress: We have preliminary documents from the lawyers for review.  

8. Field Club Expansion: Christine summarized the Feb 2, Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing. The next meeting will be March 16. 

9. Trex Bench Program: This potential project is tabled for now.

10. Other Topics:

      A. Goose egg replacement that mitigates the resident goose population will begin in early April. If you can assist, please contact Linda or Susan.

      B.  Local geocaching activity was discussed.

      C.  Split rail fence concept is on hold until we are a 5013c and we have asked the Town to weigh in on this idea. 

11. Our next meeting: March 14, 2022 on Zoom at 7 PM. Please see the link below, courtesy of Jim. 

12. Meeting adjourned: 7:44  PM. 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau

January 10, 2022

1. Attendance: Susan & John Landau, Thelma Achenbach, Greg Lombardi, Willie Juhlin, Kristine Herbst,  Marcia Grayden, Jim and Ginger Kutsch, Madeline Simon, Chris Cioffi, Linda Carrington, Christine Miller, Lisa Miller, Allen Wells, David Grover, Lisa Miller, Sandi Meyer

2. December Minutes: Approved with no corrections

3. Treasurer's Report: No change from December

4. New posts on Facebook:

A. Winter Landscape.

B. Praying Mantis egg case photo

5. Owl Box Sign: Thelma reports that Fast Signs is working on a design for a 12 x 18 inch metal sign and Anthony can install it. 

6. Restoration/Invasive work:

A. 10 Volunteers worked 2+ hours on Dec 31 raking areas to expose soil in preparation for winter seeding. Near the old bridge and dam, we hope the native seeds will sprout and outcompete the swaths of stiltgrass. Another area along James St was also prepared; this is where several Ash trees were lost. We hope the seeds help recovery here. 

When the weather and soil conditions are favorable, we will do a final soil prep, remove more invasives and then throw seeds. We may not have much notice for this, windows of good conditions are narrow in the winter.

B. The seeds are custom mixes from Ernst Seeds and funded by the Garden Club of Morristown. And the new rakes and tools put to work on Dec 31 were also purchased with and additional $300 from the GC of M! 

C. 775+ hours were volunteered by FoFPW in 2021, equivalent to more than $21,000.

D. It was suggested that we post photos of the work days on FB. Susan will ask permission for photos of volunteers under 18 yo. Then Chris or Jalal can post. 

7. 501c3 Progress: We had an introductory call with the pro bono lawyers. They will let us know as they have time for us. They do hope to have everything complete in approximately 3 months.

8. Field Club Expansion: Christine informs us that the Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing for this is set for the evening of Feb 2. The Zoom link will be on the Town website. Everyone is encouraged to attend and speak. 

9. Trex Bench Program This was discussed and will be a topic in Feb as well. Susan will ask Jillian if a trex bench would be appropriate for FPW. 

10. Other Topics: 

A. A " demonstration garden" with easy native flowers and a grass is planned for the areas on the left side of the approach to the dock. When the weather is good we hope to sheet mulch ( layer cardboard and mulch) with Chris' High School team in January to prepare for plug planting in the late spring.  

B. Split rail fencing concept is on hold until we are a 5013c and we have asked the Town  to weigh in on this idea. 

11. Our next meeting: February 14, 2022 on Zoom at 7 PM. Please see the link below, courtesy of Jim. 

12. Meeting adjourned: 7:49  PM. 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau

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