November 15, 2021

1. Attendance: Susan & John Landau, Thelma Achenbach, Greg Lombardi, Allen Wells, Willie Juhlin, John Fagan, Kristine Herbst, Debbie Ryysylainen,  Marcia Grayden,Stewart Pollock, Jim and Ginger Kutsch, Madeline and Jeff Simon, Jeanne Cunillera 

2. October Minutes: Approved with no corrections

3. Treasurer's Report: $237 held by FoFPW, new donation of $250 to  the Town Trust.

4. Website: John F. continues to update the site with photos and news like "Girls on the run", a TJ Elementary event held at FPW.

5. Restoration Days:

A. We are working in the park Thursdays and Sundays from 1-3 regularly, weather permitting. Susan will send cancellations by email but please text or call if you have a question, 973 886-8029

B. 32 Native shrubs were planted near the dock. Species: Winterberry Holly, Red Chokeberry, Bayberry and Sweet Pepperbush. Species selection and placement guided by Terri. John has deer fencing mostly complete to protect them. We appreciate the funding from our members and the Garden Club of Morristown. 

C. High School students have signed up to sheet mulch our fall shrub planting next Saturday. 

D. The Garden Club of Morristown donated and planted 100 dwarf Daffodil bulbs under the "Welcome to FPW" sign. These will provide a delightful color pop in the spring. 

6. FoFPW becoming 501c3, Non-profit Charitable Organization: We are fortunate to have pro bono legal resources thanks to Justice Pollock. We are currently working through the Pro Bono Partnership approval process.  

7. Favorite Summer Tree Contest: The winner is the massive Swamp White Oak on TJ Elementary property. This contest is not easy to understand or participate in, Susan will bring concerns to the STC.

8. Owl Box: John has burned "Noah's Owls " into the box and it is ready to hang. We will have a small group walk to rethink placement and then pick a day to invite everyone when it is installed. Looking forward to getting together in person for this and seeing Noah again! 

9. Other Topics: 

A. TJ Elementary held a "Girls on the Run" 5K race. The girls ran 6 times around the pond, passing handmade encouraging  posters. We let the Town officials know because it's a wonderful use of the new trail. 

B. Allen will schedule a fall meditation walk for us. 

10. Our next meeting: December 13, 2021 on Zoom at 7 PM. Jim will host our meetings on his Zoom account, thank you Jim! This will relieve us of the time limit and my set up errors and allow people to phone in. 

11. Meeting adjourned: 7:40  PM. 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau


October 4, 2021

Call to Order: by Susan at 6:00 PM 

1. Attendance: Susan & John Landau, Thelma Achenbach, Greg Lombardi, Allen Wells, Linda Carrington , Willie Juhlin, John Fagan, Bill Schlosser, Lisa Miller, Kristine Herbst, Debbie Ryysylainen,  Sandi Mayer,

2. September Minutes: Approved

3. Treasurer's Report: No change in our account and no update of the Town Trust.

4. We remembered Marion Harris, an outspoken, influential Morristown treasure, who recently died.

5. Website: John F. has updated the site with group photos and information about the Story Walk.

6. Owl box: John L. will burn "Noah's Owls" into the side of the box and place it in the chosen tree in November. Thelma has a plan for a sign to be placed along the trail after the Owl box is in place. See her PDF the sign attached below.  We will seek Town approval for the sign.

7. Restoration/ Invasive Work Days: We have a work day Friday Oct 8, 9am -noon, then we take a 3 week break. Friday Oct. 29 we will begin again.  As always, as weather permits. Later in the fall we will switch to afternoons for warmth and the days will shift to Thursdays and Sundays noon to 3.

8. FoFPW becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization was discussed. A motion and second were made to formalize this, followed by a unanimous vote. Debbie, Susan and John will form the subcommittee that pursues this. If anyone would like to join in this effort, you are most welcome, please email Susan.

9. Ajay has connected us with Verizon's community service possibilities. Verizon would be a great partner for FoFPW but this can only happen if FoFPW becomes a 501(c)(3)

10: TJ Elementary Science Teacher is using the dock area and path for teaching classes of all 3 grade levels.

11. The Library Story Walk is a lovely and fun addition to the park entrance. TJ teachers have been bringing classes to read it.

12. DPW placed metal stakes and ropes along the meadow areas on James Street. We are very grateful that they replaced our rickety bamboo stakes and twine. This defines the mow strip and holds the meadow plants in check as they reach toward the sun and consequently, the sidewalk. Sandi pointed out that the ropes are yellow for safety.

13. Other Topics:

 A. STC Summer Beautiful Tree Contest is ready for voting on the Town Instagram account. We heard about a beautiful Copper Beech.

B. The new Pavilion being constructed in Lidgerwood Park will be unveiled on May 22.

14. Meeting adjourned: 6:45 PM.

15. Next meeting: Monday, November 8, 2021 7:00 PM back on Zoom.  

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau


September 13, 2021

Call to Order: by Susan at 6:30 PM 

1. Attendance: Susan & John Landau, Diane Otto, Sobia and Jalal Kahn,Thelma Achenbach, Marcia Graydon, Greg Lombardi, Allen Wells, Gail Biggs, Linda Carrington , Willie Juhlin, John Fagan, Bill Schlosser, Flora DeGeorge, Madeline Simon, Lisa Miller

2. August Minutes: Approved with correction of the month (!)

3. Treasurer's Report: No change in our account and no update of the Town Trust.

4. Website and Facebook page 

John F. took a group photo for the website. Pasted here, pretty great! 

John F. continues to post regular updates and will link to the FB page as well. 

Greg encouraged all of us to visit the site; a lot of good information is posted, including a live map of the regions in the park where work is being done, with explanations. 

Jalal is our Facebook Admin, he welcomes your content. He will change the restrictions so all can post directly and he will monitor to be sure it stays friendly. He reports that photos are frequently opened 40 or more times each! 

5. Owl box: John L. will burn "Noah's Owls " onto its side and mount it. 

Thelma and Greg are researching Owl singage to post along the path.

6. Restoration/ Invasive Work Days:  We will continue to work Fridays and Sundays 9-12 AM  through Oct. 8, then resume Oct. 29. As always, as weather permits. Later in the fall we will switch to afternoons for warmth and the weekday may change.

7. Garden Club of Morristown has dedicated $1500 of funds to FPW. We will use some this fall with our other $270 in donations for shrubs. And some funds will go toward winter seeding projects. And some funds will be used in spring for more native flower and grass plugs. We are thrilled to have this generous contribution and to have a partnership with GC of M.

8. Bench donation: The town estimate for the bench and installation totaled approximately $5000. This is, understandably, too high a cost for the potential donors. We thank them sincerely for exploring this possibility.

9. The NJISST Annual Conference: Went really well, about 15 folks engaged in or thinking about work similar to ours, came and toured the park.

10: Other topics: 

A. Allen's meditation walk was greatly enjoyed. Next time we will post a notice on the FB page in advance. 

B. Story walk from the library is still a work in progress.

C. TJ's new science teacher is taking classes to the dock area for exploration and teaching. 

D. Spotted Lantern Fly and Ailanthus (Tree of Heaven) were discussed. Here's the link to the circle trap:

This circle trap is useful once the SLF chooses a favorite tree in a yard. It will catch nymphs and adults as they travel up the tree with very little danger to other critters unlike insecticides and sticky tape. 

Fact sheet on Ailanthus trees is here:

Penn State is a fantastic resource for information on SLF and Ailanthus trees

11. Meeting adjourned: 7:30 PM.

12. Next meeting: Monday, October 4, 2021 6:00 PM in person, in the park. 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau


August 9, 2021

Call to Order: by Susan at 6:30 PM 

1. Attendance: Susan & John Landau, Thelma Achenbach, Marcia Graydon, Greg Lombardi, Allen Wells, Kaitlyn Vortherms, Jeanne Cunillera, Gail Biggs, Linda Carrington , Willie Juhlin, Sandi Mayer

​2. June Minutes: Approved

3. Treasurer's Report: No change in our account and no update of the Town Trust.

4. Bird Boxes: 

A. 1 Bluebird box can go up near the James Street meadow

B. The owl box should go up soon while it is dry and before possible winter roosting

C. Greg will check the general status of the boxes that are in place. 

5. Restoration Plans/ Invasive Work Days: 

A. Work days continue on Fridays and Sundays from 9-12 with the exception of Friday August 20. 

B. The wood chip trail in the James St. meadow will be opened in September. This should allow time for the turtle eggs laid in the chips to hatch.

C. Shrubs are being planned for a fall planting using donations.

6. Website: 

A. Posting " Spotted" is open to anyone who would like to take this on for the website. Please contact John F.

B. A subgroup is forming to name sections of trails, anyone wishing to join this, please email Susan.

Possible names will be discussed with the whole group at the next meeting.

C. New postings are up including photos from Willie and a gallery for Jen 

D. Group photo -- discussed but we forgot to take it-- next meeting!

E. John L.'s latest FPW Restoration Plan update is posted 

F. New Items are on the Resources page as well.

7. Facebook: Jalal Kahn has joined us and is a new facebook admin with Chris. This is functioning as a "spotted" guide because people are posting photos as the park changes over time. Please have a look and follow: Friends of Foote's Pond Wood on facebook!

8. Bench donation: We still need an installation cost for the donors. Location consensus is leaning toward the pond side of the path near the Dogwood and big rock to the right of the entrance. We would need to maintain a short path for access. 

​9. Story Walk: Mary Lynn will visit the park and see if there is a good place for a story walk. 

10. Mayor's Favorite Photo of Morristown: We are still confused about how to find it and participate. Sandi will pass along anything she learns. 

11. The NJISST Annual Conference: This will be held at the park on Sept 12 with a rain date of Sept 19. We will have a practice run of the walk and talks and invite FoFPW, time TBD. Geese will be added as an invasive species that we control.

12: Other topics: 

A. Deer are a major problem in our environment and their current remarkable overpopulation inhibits regeneration of native plants including  trees.  This is a good article that we could post on our website:

"Because deer strongly reduce tree recruitment, shift species composition, and reduce understory cover across large spatial scales, they represent a significant concern for forest managers and an issue that should be effectively addressed."

"The severe declines observed in nearly all forest understory layers since the mid-Twentieth Century clearly present a major challenge for forest stewardship and restoration in the future. Continuation of these trends will result in the further deterioration of the many benefits these forests provide, including biodiversity, wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration, soil and water quality, and economic and aesthetic values (Shifley and Moser, 2016). The severe long-term depletion of the smaller size classes of trees may even threaten the survival of the forests themselves, leading to a failure of younger trees to adequately replace older, larger trees as they die off. This most extreme outcome of these processes is already occurring in places in New Jersey, particularly in small forest fragments with greater exposure to disturbance, where large scale mortality from storms or pests and diseases is resulting in their conversions to thickets of invasive shrubs and lianas or other vegetation types (Johnson and Klemens, 2005). Greater attention to these matters is urgently needed if further declines to our forest conditions are to be avoided."

​B. We might consider working with the TJ science teacher to establish native plants in the school foundation plantings or at least offer substitutes for their invasive plants. 

​Meeting adjourned: 7:30 PM.

Next meeting: Monday, September 13, 2021 6:30 PM in person, in the park. 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau


June 14, 2021

Call to Order: by Susan at 7:00 PM 

1. Attendance: Susan & John Landau, Madeline Simon, John Fagan, Thelma Achenbach, Marcia Graydon, Greg Lombardi, Debbie Ryysylainen, Allen Wells, Flora DeGeorge, Lisa Miller, Kaitlyn Vortherms,, Bill Schlosser, Sobia Kahn, Jeanne Cunillera, Gail Biggs

2. May Minutes: Approved

3. Treasurer's Report: No change in our account and no update of the Town Trust.

4. Stone Inscription is in place and looks lovely. Heartfelt thanks from the Landaus.

5.  Bird Boxes:

    A. Deb reports that wrens and swallows are actively nesting in our boxes. 

    B. A location for the Owl box has been determined. Placement date TBD, but certainly when the ground is drier.

6. Main meadow along James Street:

Annuals have sprouted and the first bloom of the short cosmos has been spotted. 

Turtles have laid eggs in the deep wood chip trail.

7. Restoration/Invasive work days:

 A. Work continues Friday and Sunday mornings. We have about 200 plugs left to plant near the dock. 

B. Morristown Garden Club has joined us and it is a wonderful and effective partnership. 

8. Website: John has posted new content

9. Trailside benches: Mark and Pat Rochkind have generously offered to fund new trailside benches. FoFPW members enthusiastically welcome this donation. Please send placement suggestions to Susan. 

We will ask for town approval and coordination. John F. will keep the Rochkinds up to date.

10. Water Pump: We have town approval to use a water pump in times of drought to draw water from the pond for our plantings.

11. NJISST Annual Conference will be held at Foote’s Pond Wood Sept 12 with Sept 19 as the rain date. Town approval paperwork in in process, details will follow.

12. Other topics: 

 A. Allen led a Library sponsored meditation walk at  FPW and it was greatly enjoyed. He will entertain the idea of regular Tuesday evening meditation walks 1-2 times/ month. 

B. Cat has photographed 2 Wood Duck families and a young Blue Heron at the pond. Beautiful photos attached below. 

C. We will submit a request for a floating platform in the water so the turtles can sun themselves and be seen by visitors. 

D. It has been observed that the snappers are begging for food from people at the dock far less and it seems as though people are no longer feeding  them.

Meeting adjourned: 7:40 PM.

Next meeting: We will skip July and the next meeting will be in person at the park August 9 at 6:30. Weather permitting of course. Please bring a chair. 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau


May 10, 2021

Call to Order: by Susan at 7:02 PM 

1. Attendance: Susan & John Landau, Madeline Simon, John Fagan, Willie Juhlin, Thelma Achenbach, Marcia Graydon, Greg Lombardi, Debbie Ryysylainen, Allen Wells, Linda Carrington, Flora DeGeorge, Sandi Mayer, Lisa Miller, Kaitlyn Vortherms,

Linda Carrington, Bill Schlosser, Bhavani Chandramouli

2. April Minutes: Approved

3. Treasurer's Report: No change in our account and no update of the Town Trust.

4. Mayor's Ribbon Cutting at FPW was lovely. Press coverage and edits were positive and attendance was very good especially for a rainy day. 

 Landaus are touched and a little overwhelmed by the inscribed stone from FoFPW. Thank you!!

5.  Bird Boxes -- Deb checks the boxes every week and reports that one probable Bluebird chick has died. She will clean out the box and we will hope for a successful second clutch.  Other boxes have Wren nests or are vacant. 

We will find a place for Noah's Owl Box and let everyone know when it will go up. Fun moment to gather in the woods.

6. Main meadow along James Street-- was seeded twice, before and between rains. First with native, deer resistant, wildflowers and grasses and again with Zinnia, Coreopsis tinctoria, Heliopsis helianthoides, Rudbeckia hirta and low growing early Comos. Some plugs were planted in the "Y' of the new wood chip path closest to the pond, just to have an example of a plug planting at the ribbon cutting.

7. Invasive work days -- are scheduled this week to catch more of the garlic mustard and to begin planting Terri's design near the dock with plugs of natives. 

The Garden Club will vote on participating in our work at the park this month.

8. Website --- John posted the press features and photos from the ribbon cutting. Willie captured the moment the Mayor actually cut the ribbon for us. 

John is continuing to review the site and think about some reorganization.

9. Clean Up Day -- is scheduled for May 5, sign up is online through the Town website.

10.Other Information-- 

A.Linda gave us an update about the geese at FPW. There is one nesting pair at the pond this year, 5 eggs were replaced with wooden ones. The pair seem to be off the nest now so the nesting season may have ended. 

B.Also discussed was the unfortunate photo of a man holding a large snapping turtle by its tail for a photo. 

C. The snappers are begging under the dock and food has been seen in the water. Sandi will contact Susan about a sign to discourage feeding. 

D. The New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team may hold their annual conference at FPW this fall.

Meeting adjourned: 7:35 PM.

Next virtual meeting: Jun 14, 2021 7 PM 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau


April 12, 2021

Call to Order: by Susan at 7:01 PM

1. Attendance: Susan & John Landau, Madeline Simon, John Fagan, Willie Juhlin, Thelma Achenbach, Marcia Graydon, Greg Lombardi, Gail Biggs, Debbie Ryysylainen, Allen Wells, Linda Carrington, Flora DeGeorge, minutes

​2. March Minutes: Approved 

3. Treasurer's Report: No change in our account and no update of the Town Trust.

4. Mayor's Ribbon Cutting: At FPW is scheduled for May 8, 11 AM. Everyone is encouraged to come to show our thanks for all that has been accomplished. 

​5.  Bird Boxes: We installed a new donated Bluebird box, thank you Greg! And the boxes that were close to foot traffic along the path were moved to more isolated spots. Debbie and Greg will patrol the boxes weekly to manage for wasps or other troubles, otherwise the boxes should be left alone. Fingers crossed for Bluebirds. 

Thelma will donate an owl box in honor of her grandson whose first words were "hoo hoo". Thank you! Installation will be under Greg's direction. 

6. Main meadow along James street: Soil remediation is scheduled for next week, weather permitting.  After the soil work is completed, a meandering pathway covered in wood chips will be laid down in the middle of the area. We will follow with native seeds , plugs and annuals ( including Zinnias)  for color pop this year.  Terri will design the path and plug planting. 

7. High School students are working with us to fulfill community service hours. They are tremendously valuable and wonderful to work with. 

8. Restoration plans/ Invasive work days: 

A. 35 bare root shrubs ( 7 species) were planted and the HS students laid cardboard and mulch around them to suppress competition from  non-naitive invasives while the new plants establish themselves.

B. We have 2 donations that will expand our shrub planting near the dock this year. Thank you Marcia!

C. Coming soon will be many days of planting 100s of native plugs guided by Terri's design and garlic mustard mitigation days. I will email flash garlic mustard days as soon as their flowers show up. We will no longer pull entire plants, just lop off flower heads to prevent seed formation. 

D. No further word from the Garden Club.

9. Website is being reviewed for possible reorganization as time allows. The Woodside Community Website now links to

10. FPW on websites: By unanimous vote, FoFPW agrees to post FPW on websites that recognize habitat/pollinator friendly restoration. Examples are: 2/3 4 the Birds, Doug Tallamy’s Homegrown National Park: and Pollinator Pathways:

11.Other Information

A. Lidgerwood de-vining trees on March 20 went very well. Approximately 30 residents attended and the Mayor, Councilpersons, Rotary Club and STC Chairperson spoke. 

B. Native plugs available at cost ( generally $2) have arrived, email Susan if you would like the list of species. 

C. Great Swamp Watershed Association is holding a native plant plug sale April 21-22

Anyone interested in helping, please look here:

Meeting adjourned: 7:55 PM. 

Next virtual meeting: May 10, 2021 7 PM 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau


March 8, 2021

Call to Order: by Susan at 7:01 PM 

1. Attendance: Susan & John Landau, Christine Miller, Terri Reynolds, Madeline Simon, Chris Cioffi, John Fagan, Willie Juhlin, Thelma Achenbach, Marcia Graydon, Greg Lombardi, Jeanne  Cunillera,  Gail Biggs,  Romaine Reiner and  Councilwoman Sandi

2. January Minutes: Approved

3. Treasurer's Report: No change in our account and no update of the Town Trust.

4. “Going Native " Brochure: We have 1000 copies of the “Morris County Edition” brochure. The FoFPW logo looks great.  These brochures have been well received and the electronic edition has been renamed “For Northern New Jersey” so that other counties are included. Please see it attached below for easy home printing. If you would like one of the 1000, please contact Susan or John. 

5.  Email: We will continue email bcc. Vote by email is possible, maybe over the course of 2 meetings so discussion can be heard in meetings and  communicated via minutes. 

​6.  Website Christine detailed the site and has recommended edits, John will incorporate changes that the site will permit. Thanks to both Christine and John!

7. Restoration Plans/Invasive work days: 

A. We are very grateful to have Terri onboard, she is working hard to design layered naturalistic plantings for areas that are near the dock and she has an eye out for the park as a whole. This is of immeasurable benefit; it greatly increases our odds of success both in subduing invasive plants and achieving naturally beautiful plantings. 

B. Bare root shrubs will arrive in early spring (likely April) and we will also send out planting days for these. 

C. Plugs: There will be days in April and May that we will schedule for planting plugs to follow Terri's design, depending on weather and soil conditions. After the more urgent days of planting bare root shrubs and plugs, we can settle into a more predictable weekly schedule to continue planting and working on invasive plants.

D. Areas around the dock and to the left of the path heading toward the dock have been seeded and straw has been laid on top. Preparation for this was accomplished with great help from Chris C and friends. 

E. Morristown Garden Club is still interested in a small plot nearest the schoolyard in the general area of the dock. 

8.  Please look at these sites: 2/3 4 the Birds ( and Doug Tallamy’s Homegrown National Park:  It is possible to add FPW to their maps as habitat restoration areas.  We can vote at the next meeting.

9. Other Information:

A. Lidgerwood: A day de-vining trees has been set for March 20 at 1:00 

B. Native plugs available at cost ( generally $2) mid-April, email Susan if you would like the list of species. 

C. Great Swamp Watershed Association is working toward a native plant sale April 21-22

Anyone interested in helping or buying plants, please email Susan or John. 

10. Other topics:

A. Bird boxes situated too close to the path will be moved in early spring before nesting. 

B. STC has been of great support and we ask to move forward with habitat restoration. Non-toxic deer repellant use is approved as well as planting bare root shrubs and live stakes. 

​Meeting adjourned: 7:40 PM. 

​Next virtual meeting: April 12 , 2020 7 PM 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau


January 11, 2021

1.Call to order: by Susan at 7:00 PM

2.Attendance: Susan & John Landau, Flora DeGeorge, Christine Miller, Terri Reynolds, Madeline Simon, Chris Cioffi, John Fagan, Willie Juhlin, Thelma Achenbach, Marcia Graydon, Beth Bayles, Allen Wells, Greg Lombardi, Councilwoman Sandi Mayer

​3. December Minutes: Approved 

​4. Treasurer's Report: No change.

​5. Foote's Pond Trust held by Morristown: $260 total. 5 donors. Willie will print thank you cards with her enhanced photo of Great Brook. Susan will write notes. Willie's art can be seen here:

6. "Go Naitve " Brochure: This is a tri-fold developed by Barnegat Bay Partnership in cooperation with Ocean County College, funded by USEPA. With permission we have customized the information for a Morris County edition. Once printed, FoFPW has many ideas for distribution.

7. Logo: Possible samples had been sent by advance email and they were shown on Zoom screen share. 

A. "Small Pond Big Heart" tagline was approved by voice vote after discussion.

B. Logo discussion and vote followed. We lost our Zoom link in the middle of this vote and had to re-sign in. The vote resulted in a clear majority in favor of the Egret standing tall with reflection. Cattails were a strong but distant second. This held after collecting votes of those who did not rejoin the meeting. 8 for the Egret, 4 for cattails, 2 for others, 1 abstention. Egret font will be fine tuned by Terri ( Thank you!) and the logo will go on the BBP "Go Native " brochure.

8. FoFPW email: Will remain as bcc by consensus agreement. Email discussion among subsets of members is always encouraged. Susan or Flora can send a blast email to see who is interested in a topic for email discussion or groups can form themselves. 

Voting by email was not discussed and will be on February's agenda.

9. Website: 

Anyone with a blog contribution is welcome to send to John F. 

Sandi will check with the Town about linking to our site.

10. Restoration Plans/Invasive work days: We've had great work days clearing ground in preparation for winter seeding of native forbs. Chris and his High School team have been very helpful in this effort.

11. Information

A. Lidgerwood -- Shade Tree Commission is forming a strike team for LIdgerwood Park. The first project will be to de-vine trees. 

B. Native Plant Plugs have been ordered and will arrive early May. They will be available at cost, generally $2 each.  Anyone interested,          please email Susan. 

C. Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program. reg. deadline Jan 22.

D. Jersey-Friendly Yards Webinar series Invite --

12. Other topics:  

  A. SIgns at the park. All notices collected on to one sign for FPW and possibly all Morristown parks was discussed. John L to get a photo of the Township Park signs.

  B. Our next meeting will be on Google Meet because there is no time limit. John L will open the session at 6:30 PM so that anyone can sign on early and work out kinks before the meeting. If you'd like a trial session before then, please let John or Susan know.

Meeting adjourned: 8:15 PM. 

Next virtual meeting: February 8, 2020 7 PM 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau


December 14, 2020

Call to order: by Susan at 7:01 PM

Attendance: Susan & John Landau, Madeline Simon, Chris Cioffi, Jeanne Cunillera, John Fagan, Willie Juhlin, Thelma Achenbach, Marcia Graydon, Linda Carrington, Lynne Cicero, Allen Wells Greg Lombardi, Councilwoman Sandi Mayer

November Minutes: Approved with a correction to add an "h" to Achenbach.

Treasurer's Report: No new transactions.

Foote's Pond Trust: Jillian Barrick has not responded with an update yet.

Hydro-raking Staging Area:  

The layer of pond muck spread over the area was unfortunately, clay. Anthony Devizio understands and will remediate when weather allows. We will follow with seeds and cover with straw. 

Also discussed was the area near the dock and TJ playground with sinkholes. Anthony will have those areas filled and then we can follow with invasive mitigation and native plant restoration.

Website:  is ready. 

     1. Sandi Mayer will look into linking this with the town's website. 

      2. Anyone interested in helping with the website, please contact John Fagan.

      3. Linda brought the website to the attention of Kevin Coughlin.

Invasive Work Days: 

1. Weekly invasive work days are suspended because it is cold. 

2. Next spring, based on new science, we will modify our approach to Garlic Mustard. Instead of pulling we will cut flower heads before seeds form. 

3.Our updated report for STC is almost ready and will be distributed to FoFPW 

4. 464 volunteer hours have been invested in FPW this year to date.

Adopt-A Spot Sign: 

Christine added "" to the sign. It is lovely--- Thank you Christine!


Tree de-vining is going to be scheduled in Lidgerwood Park as STC begins to reach into other parks where invasive control is needed. 

A date will be set after coordination with STC, the Town, Chris Cioffi and friends and the weather and notice is given to neighbors of the park. FoFPW strike team will help move this project forward.

High School Community Service Hours: 

High School students need to accumulate 10 community service hours each year before April 30. Chris brought this to our attention and we will plan opportunities for this winter and all years following. Chris can coordinate his team and we welcome their help! 

Meeting adjourned: 7:38pm.

Next virtual meeting: January 11th, 7 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau


November 9, 2020

Call to order: by Susan at 7:01 PM 

​Attendance: Susan & John Landau, Madeline Simon, Chris Cioffi, Jeanne Cunillera, John Fagan, Willie Juhlin, Thelma Achenbach, Marcia Graydon, Flora DeGeorge

September Minutes: Approved with a correction to note that the meeting was held virtually.

Treasurer's Report: No new transactions.

Foote's Pond Trust: Susan just emailed Jillian Barrick to request an account update.

Hydro-raking:  The hydro-raking has been completed. 

    1.Susan will send an email of appreciation on behalf of FoFPW, to Sandi Mayer. She will read it read at the next Council meeting

    2.  We will express thanks briefly "in person" at the Dec 1 Town Council meeting at 7:30 PM during the public session. Anyone who can Zoom in then will be helping to show FoFPW support. 

    3. A layer of muck from the pond will be spread over the field that had been used to stage the heavy hydro-raking equipment. 

    4. This winter, native meadow seeds will be distributed over the area and native plants can be plugged in the spring.  Zinnias and other annuals will be seeded in the spring as well.

Website: https;//  is ready. Great thanks to John Fagan!!

     1. Sandi Mayer can ask Morristown to add the link to the town's website. 

     2.Chris is working on the FoFPW Facebook page and documenting the hydroraking project with photos and comments. He is invited to add this information to the website's blog. 

     3. Website address can possibly be added to our Adopt-A-Spot sign. 

     4. Anyone interested in helping with the website, please contact John Fagan.

Morristown Garden Club: Leslie Bensley, civic liaison to the MGC, walked FPW with Susan and John. She reports that the club is interested in establishing  a pollinator garden in the park and they have their own funding. The area that they are interested in planting is adjacent to the school, in the general area of the dock. 

FoFPW will make sure to have permission from STC and the Town. 

Invasive Work Days: Are going quite well with some regular volunteers and others who come intermittently. All are welcome every fair-weather-Thursday at 10 AM! Porcelain Berry Vine has been the focus of recent work.

Bricks Inscription Project: This fundraiser will be revisited after COVID 19 subsides and coordinated with any Town celebration of  FPW improvements.  We are looking for someone who likes fundraising and can run this drive.

Other Topics:

Goose nests: No nesting geese were found at Foote's Pond this spring. However 11 nests were managed at Burnham Park. 

Activities at the park: Passive recreation is permitted. A permit is required for fires and food for public events. We can perhaps put rules up on the website.

​Meeting adjourned: 7:37pm.

Next virtual meeting: December 14th, 7 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Flora DeGeorge


September 14, 2020

Call to order: by Susan at 7:02 pm. 

Attendance: Marcia Graydon, John & Susan Landau, John Fagan, Madeline Simon, Linda Carrington, Flora DeGeorge and Councilwoman, Sandi Mayer

August Minutes: Approved.

Treasurer's Report: $237 in the FoFPW account and at least $50 in the FP Trust account. Current Trust account balance still needs to be requested. 

Invasive Work Days: Volunteer clearing of invasives is going very well. We continue to meet every Thursday morning at 9:30.  Buck rub protection, supplied by STC, will be applied to young trees this Thursday. 

Trust: Susan will request an updated account total in the FP Trust held by the Town. 

Website: development continues.  We need people to oversee subsections to keep them up to date. All interested in helping should 

contact John Fagan and a committee will be formed. Please contact him with suggestions as well. Sandi Mayer will request that the Town post a link

 to when it's ready. 

Meeting adjourned: at 7:21pm. 

Next meeting: October 12th, 7 PM 

Respectfully Submitted,

Flora DeGeorge


August 10, 2020

Call to order: by Susan at 7:01 PM

Attendance: Susan Landau, Linda Carrington, John Fagan, Greg Lombardi and Sandi Mayer

-June Minutes: Approved 

-Treasurer Report: No change to report. We do know some donations have been made to the Town Trust and an update from Jillian will be requested. 

-Invasive work days: The work continues every Thursday, 9:30 AM. 

-Trash cans: Discussion is delayed until we have more people in a meeting.

-Foote's Pond Trust: In order to show support for the Town's efforts at the park, anyone who would like to, is encouraged to send a donation. Even a small amount will demonstrate support. FoFPW can apply to use those funds.

-Website: John Fagan has constructed a wonderful website for FoFPW. He asks for input about the URL domain name and suggestions in general.

-Council Representative Sandi Mayer:  Reports that the hydroraking is on track for this fall. And as for our concerns about things like signs and trash cans, she suggests a meeting on site to discuss, perhaps with DPW.  We need to have our ( FoFPW) requests sorted prior to that meeting. 

-Meeting adjourned: 7:35 PM

-Next meeting: September 14, 7 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Landau


July 13, 2020

Call to order by Susan Landau: Virtual meeting convenes at 7pm.

 Attendance: Madeline Simon, Diane Otto, Linda Carrington John Fagan, Jeanne Cunillera, John Landau, Susan Landau, Allen Wells, Christine Miller, Gail Biggs, Thelma Achenbach, Wilhelmina Juhlin, Marcia Graydon, Flora DeGeorge, Greg Lombardi

June Minutes: Approved 

Treasurer Update: Flora reports $237. in the FoFPW account and $50. in the town trust account.

Hydro Raking Update: The town remains committed to maintaining some open water habitat and  hydroraking is on track for this fall. The scope of hydroraking is limited to the funding set aside in the 2019 budget and the town is actively negotiating to do as much as possible. 

Invasive Work Days: Everyone is invited to join the strike team work on Thursday mornings at 9:30. Anywhere from 3-12  have been participating. Ecologist Sara Webb of Drew University toured FPW and was impressed by our ongoing efforts. As invasives are pushed back, more native plants are rebounding.  

Signs: A) Historic sign: The Morris County Heritage Commission has declined our application for a sign at the park. 

B) Do Not Feed: The "Do Not Feed the Wildlife" sign is in poor shape. We will request to have it relocated to the water's edge after hydroraking. 

Doggie Bag Station, Trash Can Relocation: This week members voted to request no dog bag station be installed. Next week members will revisit the desirability of keeping garbage cans at the park or if we might request that they be removed. If we are in favor of keeping trash cans at the park, recommendations for relocation will be considered. 

Brick Inscriptions or other fundraisers: Brick fundraiser will need a new chairperson. Currently, we are putting this project on hold because of COVID-19. Fundraising by selling native seeds and plugs is a possibility in the future.

Foote's Pond Wood Trust: Future donations can be made directly to Foote's Pond Trust account held by Morristown. We can then apply to use those funds as needed.  The correct way to write checks and mail in so that funds reach the trust, will be distributed by email. 

Website: John F. is making progress on the Foote's Pond Wood Website and plans to reach out to Burnham Park Pond's website person for information about their experience.

Other Topics: 

A) The Morristown Garden Club came to look at the park and have located a section of the meadow near the school playground that needs remediation. It would be a good site to use for their pollinator grant and if they choose it, we will need to maintain it. This would need to be approved by the Town, through the STC. 

B) Shade Tree Commision is holding an invasive training session taught by Mike Van Clef on July 18 at FPW. So, after two years, Mike will have a chance to see our progress against invasives in the park and hopefully give us more guidance.  This gathering will be a small, invite only event run by the Shade Commision. Representatives of Burnham Park Association and MEC are invited.

Respectfully Submitted,

Flora DeGeorge


June 8, 2020

Virtual Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM. 

In attendance: Sandi Mayer, John and Susan Landau, Christine Miller, Elizabeth Bayles, Gail Biggs, Allen Wells, Willie Juhlin, John Fagen, Marica Grayden, Thelma Achenbach, Flora DeGeorge

1) Welcome: Special welcome to our new members. We have 54 in FoFPW now.

2) New Laurel Bushes: Christine planted 2 Mountain Laurel bushes near the bridge by the dam, on the James Street side. They were donated by her neighbor, Elizabeth Bain, and are doing nicely. 

3) Invasive Work Days/plugs and seedlings update: Volunteers have pulled Mugwort two times so far this year and it is becoming less vigorous. Volunteers will be called for a third round when the weather allows. Meadow flower plugs along the sidewalk are showing signs of deer munching new, tender leaves. Seed sprouts still need time to take root and show themselves. 

4) Areas Compacted by Heavy Machinery Update: Native meadow seeds have been spread in the area affected by the heavy machinery. 

5) Hydro Raking Update: Sandi reports that hydro raking will still take place and likely be in the fall since money from the 2019 budget has been appropriated for this project. The project may be scaled down to fit the budget and specifics are still to be determined. More from Sandi when she has information from Anthony. 

6) Brick inscription Committee: No new updates at this time.

7) Restored Trails in the woods towards Loyola: A trail has been re-established in the 10 acres formerly owned by Loyola.

8) Environmental Webinar Notices: Susan to continue to send out webinar information because members in attendance were interested. 

9) Bird Boxes: This Year's Occupants: There are Bluebirds in one box and Wrens in three others. Wood ducks have had babies but we are not sure if they used the duck box . For the comfort of the birds it has been recommended that we move the bird houses further back from the newly installed trail in the fall.

10) Fundraiser Ideas: Greg has proposed selling native seeds (and plugs) as part of a fundraiser when we are ready for one.

11) FoFPW emails- send BCC: Emails to be sent out bcc for privacy and to prevent lengthy reply chains. Periodic updated email lists will be provided to members.

12) John F. researched and  presented website options. Wordpress looks very like it could meet our needs very well. If anyone would like to establish and maintain a webpage for FoFPW, it could be a lovely site for information and photos. 

13) The FPW Historic Sign will be discussed by the Morris County Heritage Commission this month.

14) A request that trash bins be moved to the sidewalk and for a doggie poop bag dispenser for the park has been submitted to Kathleen Margiotta. Our worries about people feeding the snapping turtles will also be relayed to Kathleen. 

15) Our next meeting will be on July 13 at 7 PM. We will use Zoom and see if it is easier for people to access.  The link will be emailed with the agenda.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm

Respectfully submitted,  Flora DeGeorge