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Foote's Favorite Photos Contest

Each of the amazing photos below were captured at Foote's Pond Wood. These photos and more can be viewed in our Galleries menu at the top of the site.

Please help us select Foote's Favorite plants and landscape photos out of the nominees below:

  1. Review all the photos below and identify up to 10 favorites. 

  2. Click on a photo if you want to enlarge it, and then return to the main page to see the other photos.. 

  3. To identify your ten favorites, click on the heart icon for your selected photos. Clicking a second time will remove the “like” if you change your mind.

  4. All voting must be complete by end of day Saturday November 11. The next day, the top 10 Foote's Favorite Photos will be posted on a special Favorites web page.  

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